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Monday, March 10, 2014

Doing My Bridal Again

I had a bridal shop on Etsy for a few years. I stopped for awhile, because when making a bridal veil it's important to be almost obsessive about perfection and fine detail. Also, I hand sew my laces because I've seen too many veils with glue that shows up when the bride stands in sunlight. So, it takes hours to make one veil.

I happened to stop by the Etsy bridal page and was appalled at the number of mass-produced veils that used to be banned but are now welcomed with open arms on that site. One of the product listings actually had as its title, "Cheap Bridal Veil."  (for a cheap bride?)

Well, something clicked inside me and I decided to pick up a needle and thread and get back to it. Here's my first of many, trimmed in vintage Venise lace. Oh, I'm now showing them on Zibbet, which believes in REALLY  handmade items, made with integrity and love. It will take a while to restock, but it's worth it.

If you know a bride who isn't cheap, please let her know that heirloom quality items are still available.

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