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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Book of Secrets

I recently saw a post about different versions of the theme, "Book of Secrets." It made me remember that when I was (much) younger, I had a few books of my own (well, a few secrets too.)  I don't recall what happened to them; perhaps they were lost or stored over years of living. I decided to make a current one, with my today secrets in it. I had originally decided to have neutral backgrounds, like cave walls, and then draw, scribble and write over them.

I did manage to get my water soluble wax pastels and start with a few, but the colors kept calling me.

I do like art with a neutral palette, but I can't seem to stick with that. I just can't do it. So one of my "secrets" is, that I must have bright color in my art, if not always in my life.

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