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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spring Is Coming

I went out on the deck to have my coffee at 6:30 AM. Winter is on the way out. I noticed that the birds have begun to call, and "that other bird over there" has begun to answer. Ah yes, they are staking out their territories. I heard robins, ducks, fish crows, jays and other unidentified twittery things. In another month, the noise will be deafening. I do like to hear this.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Organic Flow-Through

This piece began with an exercise called "Eleven Dots" in Creating Abstract Art, by Dean Nimmer. You randomly place 11 dots on a blank page, connect them as you wish, and then intuitively go from there. I like the colors and contrast in this, and my husband says that it's "Picasso-esque." (Love is blind.) If it's turned on its side, it resembles a fancy fish. I could call it "Cosmic Fish" or "A Fish out of Water." It's bothersome to me though, because I feel it lacks complexity. It may be time to "bury my darlings" and cover parts of it with other layers. I'll share the results, but I think I'll look at it for a few days first.

So, I decided to scrape some white across parts of the piece. I put some plastic wrap over that and let it dry overnight. This is the result:

I filled in some of the shapes left by the plastic wrap and I do like this part of the piece.  It reminds me of mysterious ancient writing:

Next I mixed titanium white and ultramarine blue, and scraped them over other areas. Now It's becoming more interesting.

I also added magenta paint, and then I outlined prominent shapes with black India ink. This is the final painting, which is entitled "Spirit Bird Spoke" (Someone also saw a Spirit Fish.)