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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This Piece Is Not Finished

Did you ever know what you want, but aren't sure how to get there? That's happening with this little mini-book. I like the blue and the monoprints with the leaves. I like the art paper on the cover. I used paper tracings of the leaves as a mask when I inked in the blue

 and I like how they contrast with the cover. I'd like to finish the edges and add some rust color to those.

The inside isn't really what I want. I want layers. I want mystery. I'd like a darker tone. I'm wondering whether to collage some botanicals over it, or maybe cover it partially and redo it.


I'll keep you posted with its progress......


  1. Hi, I would bring in dramatic VERY dark brown shadows to the leaves and surround. Orange is the complementary of blue so I may paint some orange on scrap paper and see if I like some added to the pages. Oxide Red may also bring out Contrast. Just a couple of thoughts from someone who loves to experiment! Hope you will share the end result and good luck!

  2. I love the colours and think it looks lovely. I have a hard time giving others ideas. . . . it needs to be what you like, but I wonder if you have thought of adding some written words, in large or small around the leaves? I do like your idea of some botanicals over it that you have suggested. Whatever you decide I hope you enjoy the process!