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Sunday, June 25, 2017

100 Day Challenge #10

Water soluble wax crayon, acrylic paint, India ink, collage

The good thing about the 100 Day Challenge is, that it takes the pressure off when I am working on a piece. If it doesn't thrill me I think, " I have 99 other opportunities to make something else."  When you do 100 pieces, you will get some really nice ones and a few "clunkers" as a matter of course. So, you can't beat yourself up if you don't like one or two. I recently took a class with Jane Davies. She related that she made 60-some practice pieces using a certain technique. She remarked that only 30-some pieces came to a successful conclusion. She taught that the "failures" also have value, as they are part of the process.

When I work, I sometimes let a piece sit for a few days, while I wait for a hunch about how to finish it. This challenge forces me to finish rather than letting them sit and accumulate. It fosters a certain decisiveness. 

I can also do small mini-series. These first 10 were monoprint collages with a lot of color. The next 10 will be more neutral (I think!) inspired by Crystal Neubauer.

So, 10 down and 90 to go.......

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